About Little Creek Research

Rose Verhoeven graduated from North Carolina State University with a BSc in Biological Sciences and a minor in English, and a Master of Toxicology (MTox) degree.  Starting her career at Inspire Pharmaceuticals, she was trained in the management and execution of nonclinical studies to support drug development programs for ophthalmic, inhaled, and analgesic products.  From 2011 to 2018, Ms. Verhoeven was responsible for the synthesis and implementation of nonclinical strategies for innovative ophthalmic products advanced by small pharmaceutical companies such as Clearside Biomedical and Envisia Therapeutics.  While at Envisia, she served as Project Leader for two ophthalmic programs from initial proof of concept to completion of IND-enabling activities.  Medical writing, including the production of regulatory documents, has been a strong focus during her career. 

Little Creek Research was formed in 2018 to provide support for small pharma and biotech companies that require nonclinical development and medical writing services.